Condato Lift – Top 5 Features

We have decided to break down a list of the top features that comes with a Home lift Condato.

In this list we will go through each feature in detail so you can get a better picture of all the beneficial lift functions you can find inside of a Condato lift.

1. High Quality Safety Systems

home lift safety systems and safety functions

The number one priority for us at Condato is safety. Our lifts are constructed with multiple safety features which we are about to explain below.

Emergency Stop

When stepping inside one of our lifts you will find a red emergency stop button with a stop sign on top of it. This button will simply allow the passenger to stop the lift at any time if something unexpected occurs. After pushing the stop button you can simply reset it by turning it clockwise.

Emergency Lowering

You might wonder what happens if you get stuck in the lift during a power cut? At any given emergency situation that requires immediate evacuation you can use the electrical lowering device. This device will lower you to the next floor and allow you to evacuate. By looking inside the electrical cabinet you will find the emergency lowering push button.

Emergency Signal (Option)

For extra security you will always get the choice to install an emergency signal button. When pressing the button for maximum 10 seconds it will activate an alarm sound to acknowledge the people outside the lift that you need help. To reset this alarm you have to go inside the electrical compartment. If the emergency button is pushed during a power failure it will activate the battery backup.

Two-Way Emergency Communication (Option)

When pressing the emergency signal button it will make a direct phone call to the main contact person for emergency situations. This contact person’s phone number has to be pre-programmed inside the device to be activated. As soon as the telephone makes the call you will hear when it’s dialing the number and it is connected to the voice switch.

Emergency Door Opener

In case of emergency, the lift door on the lower landing level can be opened by a wire handle from the pit.

Safety Nut and Switch

Looking at the lifts drive unit, it is equipped with a safety nut which takes over the load in the event of a failure on the drive nut.

Safety Edges

If you take a look inside in any of our lifts you can see safety edges around the floor as well as on top of the lift back. So if somebody puts a finger at these edges or get stuck it will cut the safety circuit and stop the lift when descending. These were made specifically to eliminate the risk of crush injuries inside the lift. The safety edges are spring loaded and the lift will restart as soon as one of these emergencies has been solved.

Safety Circuit

The safety circuit is connected with a max. 48 V AC rated voltage. If the safety circuit is broken by one of its switches, the power supply to the lift motor will be cut and the lift will be stopped immediately. However, the battery backup is not affected by this situation. In other words, all the safety functions such as emergency lightning, emergency lowering and the communication systems will still be fully operational.

Fireproof Landing Door (Option)

Certified landing doors can be provided upon request.

2. Silent Operating System

Home lift sound and noise levels

We are safe to say that all Condato lifts are constructed to be as smooth and silent as possible to maximize the comfort for the everyday user.

Down below you can see the average noise level of a Condato lift compared to other sounds we experience on a daily basis.

Noise levels

Blender =  88 dB

Vacuum cleaner, 1 m = 70-80 dB

Normal Conversation, 1 m = 60 dB

Refrigerator =  32-47 db

Condato Home Lift = 30 db

Watch Ticking = 20 db

Breathing = 10 db

(The measurements was done by standing inside of the lift, traveling from ground floor to second floor)

3. Low Energy Consumption

Home lift energy consumption comparison

Like a vacuum cleaner or a microwave, the power consumption of a Condato lift doesn’t activate until someone pushes a button.

As you can see on the comparison above, a regular sized Condato home lift charges less energy than the average air conditioner.

4. Less Frequent Maintenance

home lift maintenance for oil and battery check up


A home lift from Condato is quite easy to maintain compared to some other lifts with hydraulic technology. Looking at the average oil usage of a hydraulic lift, it is between 20-30 liters per year and has to be replaced every half or full year. Oil replacement can be quite messy and oil leakage is an issue that appears from time to time.

To solve the issues of oil spilling we have installed an anti-oil spill system that keeps the oil in place and also give the lift the necessary amount of oil to keep its smooth functionality. The necessary oil needed for a Condato lift is only 2-3 liters per year which is almost 10 times lower than the average hydraulic lift.


During every service occasion we will also take a look at the safety battery so it works properly. This usually occurs every 4 or 6 months.

5. Cost Saving and Space Efficient Technology


Since all Condato lifts are made with Screw & Nut Technology it is simple to say that it is easier to install and comes with many benefits.

Our lift doesn’t need any machine room which in turn saves you tons of space.

No pit is required which means that the lift can be installed directly on the floor.

Anti-oil spill system which saves you from unnecessary oil leakage.

Most flexible lift to fit inside your home with over 80 different platform sizes.

Can be installed both indoors and outdoors.