6 Reasons To Buy a Condato Lift

Should you buy a Condato lift? Is buying a lift worth it?

We say Yes!

It all comes down to what you are looking for in a lift. Are you seeking functionality or design or maybe both?

We have listed here 6 reasons why you should consider to buy a lift.

Unlimited Accessibility

To always have unlimited of accessibility in your building. No need to worry about getting old anymore and have to walk the stairs. And for the sake of your family members, friends, kids and visitors, they will always be able to spend time together anywhere in your building without any issues.


Comfort and Style

It is very comfortable to just push a button and it takes you anywhere you want to go. And to be able to see your beautiful building through the glass windows of the lift is quite a luxury experience. A lift these days can be very attractive to look at since you have many customization options. This opens up the opportunity for you to blend in your lift to each floor environment of your building.



You will save lots of time having a lift when it comes to start carrying things. Let’s say you come home after a long vacation with your big traveling bags or you buy new furniture/decoration for your building. A home lift will take away the worries of either falling in the stairs, accidentally dropping your new favorite items or scratching the walls with your big bags.


Eliminate risk and pain

Basically what a lift does is to eliminate the risk of injury and pain that can be caused by the stairs. It takes away the pain for people who have bad knees, hurting hips or a generally having an aching body of walking the stairs. And if you are a perfectly fit person you can still be unlucky and accidentally miss a step and hurt yourself. It can really happen to anyone!


Independence and Freedom

Most people if not all people wants to take care of themselves and be self-sufficient as long as we can. And if you have a big building you want to be able to feel free to use all the space. Many old people move down to their first floor since their not feeling comfortable anymore walking the stairs. This can be quite frustrating for some people since their favorite times and memories was spent on the second floor. If you do have a lift you will be able to continue to live your life the way you want it without any dissatisfaction.


Property Value

ACondato lift provides you with multiple beneficial functions while you are living in your house/villa but it doesn’t stop there. it will also continue when you hand the keys over to the next person. So buying a lift can actually be seen as an investment since it can at many times increase your property value. It also opens up a new segment of potential buyers because your building is now fit for anyone no matter their disabilities or disadvantages.